Chemicals aren’t the only way to control ticks.

      It’s cold out now, but spring is right around the corner! When the weather warms up, and the sun comes out, so do pests like ticks. For most people, tick control means an outdoor chemical treatment plan. While pesticides can be an effective tick-control mechanism, what many don’t realize is that landscape Read More »

Protecting your Garden in the Snow

This winter, be careful when shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow. If you can’t remember where plantings are located, place posts with reflectors next to the plants. In addition to clearing off sidewalks and driveways, snow should be cleared off of trees and delicate shrubs, either with a broom or a hand held blower. This will Read More »

Brighten up your winter garden.

  Winter traditionally means the end of your garden, but these are some plants that you can grow to bring color and life to the cold months.   Heather This plant blooms all year and offers beautiful flowers in summer and fall. In winter the thick foliage makes an appealing contrast to the more delicate Read More »

Trends in Holiday Lighting

  With Christmas just a few weeks away it’s time to start thinking about holiday lighting. Whether you intend to have a house that can be seen from space, or are planning a more modest display, the holiday lighting trends for 2014 are sure to have something for everyone.   #1 Bigger is Better Giant Read More »

Goodnight, Garden! How to put your garden to bed for winter.

  Putting Your Vegetable Garden to Bed You can postpone the inevitable (that is, winter) for a while by covering your vegetables with old sheets or bedspreads on cold nights, but the declining light and chilly daytime temperatures will naturally bring plant growth to a halt. See how to predict a frost. •        Leave carrots, Read More »

Container gardening tips

  Growing plants in containers can be the perfect solution for gardeners with limited space, and on Long Island, where we can have HOT summers, but super cold winters, it can even allow you to enjoy the beauty of tropical plants year round.   Type of container   Most nurseries offer a huge selection of Read More »

When Less is More: Handling an Inchworm Infestation

Every summer, they arrive. Little green worms, dropping from threads and spinning in the breeze. While one or two of these little insects can seem cute, when they multiply, they can cause real damage to our trees and shrubs. Inchworms go by many different names, including cankerworms, spanworms, loopers, and measuring worms. Generally reaching one Read More »