Tree Spraying: How it Prevents Pests and Disease

Tree Spraying

The beauty of Long Island’s East End must be preserved. Its lush greenery and stately trees are part of the landscape that contributes to the area’s uniqueness. Plants and trees also create oxygen which is beneficial to all. However, over time some pests and diseases have taken a toll on many of these plants and trees. But that is not the only threat. Among the environment’s predators are some chemical sprays – we use chemicals used to eradicate the pests and to control diseases that affect trees in our region. Our point is: that it does not have to take toxins to rout toxic pests. Instead, speak to the horticulturalists at Organically Green. We offer tree spraying in Suffolk County (and throughout Long Island) that will benefit your greenery as well as preserve your health and the environment. 

Did you know? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, an average sized tree alone produces enough life-giving oxygen to sustain up to four persons. (And you thought trees were just attractive plantings that shed their leaves in the Fall!) Now that you are aware of this fact, you’ll realize the importance of preserving as many trees and plantings on your property as possible, by the safest means available. That is where Organically Green comes in. As part of our tree spraying services for Suffolk County and Nassau County residents, we utilize organic horticultural oils- we do use hort oil but it cannot successfully treat all of the things listed and we use a wide range of products for different insects and diseases, some organic some not to treat mildews, rusts, leaf spots and curls, black spots, blights, and other fungal diseases. Additionally, our water soluble solutions will control aphids, spider mites, scale insects, earwigs, white flies, weevils, stink bugs, Japanese beetles, and many more. 

Organically Green’s tree spraying solutions in Suffolk and Nassau Counties are tough on pests and tree diseases, but kind to living organisms such as bees, birds, pets, wildlife, even other beneficial insects, and the environment. The results are thriving plants with no negative environmental or health impacts. 

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