Effective Tick Spraying for Long Island Homeowners

Long Island Tick Spraying

Anyone who calls this region home knows that Long Island is truly one of the best places to live – anywhere! The natural beauty of the area includes both rocky and sandy shorelines, an abundance of seafood available fresh from local waters, pine barrens, rivers, streams, and fields. All within the shadow of Manhattan which thanks to efficient highway and rail lines, provides ample employment opportunities as well. If there is a downside to the natural habitat that would be the tick and deer populations. Local residents know there is a tradeoff of sorts for the privilege of living here. In other words, seasonal tick remediation is a must, and for those looking across the region for effective Long Island tick spraying options, look no further than Organically Green Horticultural Services.  

First, let’s discuss why ticks are an issue: they spread Lyme disease. Blacklegged ticks have a relationship with deer especially on Eastern Long Island, where the regional deer population is greatest. Contrary to popular opinion, ticks do not contract Lyme disease from deer, but as larvae when they draw sustenance from infected mice. Deer are brought into the equation because adult female ticks attach themselves to deer as nests where they can lay their eggs. Deer are also a food source, but deer cannot contract Lyme disease from ticks. They are just hosts, but hosts that carry tick eggs, and ticks into neighborhoods across the Island. If you live in townships where deer naturally roam, your property is more likely to have Lyme disease carrying ticks. Fortunately, Organically Green’s Long Island tick spraying services can remediate these pests on your property. 

Blacklegged ticks are not the only ticks that create health issues in our region. All ticks carry diseases including the Lone Star tick and brown dog tick. Only the Blacklegged tick carries Lyme disease, however all tick variants are anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis carriers as ticks can transmit more than one disease. Additionally, the American dog tick can transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the NorthEast. These statements are strong arguments for hiring Organically Green to protect your property and family with our Long Island tick spraying services. 

Did you know? Lyme disease has not been around that long. In fact, it was first isolated in Lyme Connecticut (just across the Sound) in 1975.  According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, there are over 300,000 cases of Lyme disease reported every year, mostly on the Eastern seaboard, specifically Long Island and New England. Lyme disease is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria which is commonly spread by a tick bite. Left untreated it can cause chronic joint inflammation, palsy, and neurological impairment. Unfortunately, the lifecycle of an average tick is about two years. Therefore it is imperative that residents contract with dependable Long Island tick spraying companies to control the tick population in their yards and properties.

Organically Green offers tick control services throughout Long Island, from Great Neck to Huntington, to Sayville, to Port Jefferson, and the Hamptons and all towns in between. We provide effective Long Island tick spraying throughout the peak tick season, from May through August, however the nymphs appear as soon as the frost subsides, which can be as early as March. Given an extended summer, the threat of ticks can continue into the Fall. That is why until there is a hard frost, the heath threat from ticks bites continues. We invite property owners throughout the Island to contact our team of professionals today to learn more about how Organically Green’s responsive tick control applications can keep the Long Island tick population at bay season after season and provide safety for you and your family. Call today!