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Have you tried to relax and enjoy your yard only to be chased indoors by hordes of mosquitoes. Next, you try to watch a movie with your pet at your side and as you stroke its fur, you feel a bump. It’s a tick! We all know what happens next: Tweezers, Vaseline, the search for more ticks on your pet, on your furniture, yourself. The night will not be as relaxing as you anticipated.

We can help!

We have been helping to protect Long Island families and pets from ticks for over 15 years. We aren’t a one-size fits all company, we create tick control programs based on your property and your needs!

Protecting you and your family from ticks and their diseases is our number one priority!

The Organically Green Advantage:

  • Unlike many other companies, we don’t use misting backpack sprayers. We have custom-built spray trucks, with high pressure systems that ensure the best and most thorough coverage possible.
  • Our experienced technicians are highly trained- they are educated about the different types of ticks and habitats which helps for a more targeted application.
  • We guarantee every spray truck has a NYSDEC certified spray technician/applicator.
  • Conscientious applications- We treat your property as our own! We take extra care to move toys off the treatment area, emptying and moving dog bowls, bird baths, not to get spray onto windows or cars etc.

Diseases Carried by Ticks:

  • Lymes
  • Powassan
  • Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis (Alpha Gal Syndrome)
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever



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