Plant Healthcare Services Long Island

Gardens can vary by quite a bit and therefore have an array of unique needs that call for professional plant healthcare. What makes Organically Green different from the cookie-cutter horticultural places in the area? Organically Green assesses each garden differently, so we can create a custom, tailor-made program designed to suit your garden’s specific landscaping needs.

From here, we’re able to get a bigger picture of what your problems are, as well as the ideal solutions to implement. Did you know that your soil actually determines how each living system performs – both above and below ground? Plant healthcare often starts in the soil because without the right nutrients and resources, your plants will only be as healthy as the soil they lay upon. However, professional plant healthcare doesn’t stop with a single diagnosis, as plants aren’t prone to single ailments.

This is why, as part of our plant healthcare services, we constantly monitor your plantings to ensure all new and existing problems are identified, addressed, and alleviated efficiently. But that’s not all – we also work to treat your landscape to aid in long-term root development and nutrient cycling.