Plant Healthcare Services Long Island

The Best Tree Spraying Service on Long Island!

Tree spraying and shrub spraying services aren’t as simple as spray-and-go. Our goal is long term health of your landscape!
We continually monitor your plant material not only for insects and diseases, but any cultural issues that may affect their health. Organically Green prides itself on delivering complete management for your landscape, so you can worry less and enjoy more.

Organically Green designs your plant healthcare program based on the needs of your landscape as no two properties are alike. The benefit to having Organically Green manage your property is our staff are highly educated- 9 certified arborists, 15 certified technicians/applicators, 3 certified nursery & landscape professionals- plus we attend and offer re-education classes every year. We leverage Integrated Pest Management along with the most current information, methods and products to manage insects and diseases.




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