Deep Root Fertilization

Our organic fertilization programs are designed to ensure the overall short and long-term health of your trees and shrubs. Organically Green’s professional deep root fertilization requires the use of organic liquid fertilizers that are fortified with essential nutrients plants need for optimal growth and development. We also utilize some beneficial fungi, which can help to increase the update of the root systems, leading to long-term prosperity.

Your Plants Deserve Individual Attention

Not all plants require the same level (or kind) of care. For instance, plants such as rhododendrons and hollies that tend to prefer an acidic soil call for a granular fertilizer that meets their specific needs because when push comes to shove, plants can only thrive as well their environment lets them.

Do your plants or trees require organic deep root fertilization? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Organically Green is Long Island’s premier source for horticultural services. We use organic means to treat and enable the very best for your plants and trees. If you’re interested in deep root fertilization or other horticulture-related services, you can contact us here or call 631-467-7999.

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