Long Island Pest Repellent

While certain pests may only be active during select seasons, it’s always ‘in season’ for someone. During winter months, deer are notorious for walking-through and eating plants, particularly those of the evergreen variety, creating a need for Long Island deer repellent. However, most people can’t be present 24/7 to guard their plants, so to ensure they are protected and survive the winter, they call on the horticultural experts at Organically Green to use our deer repellent.

How does our deer repellent work? Our specially-trained experts work to evenly spray a special, natural formula that effectively works to accomplish two things:

  1. Keeps deer away from your plants without hurting them.
  2. Protects your plants (and plant material) from the cold winter elements.

We consider our line of Long Island pest repellents to be the premier way to treat your plants during colder seasons. In addition to keeping deer and other pests away, our Long Island deer repellent also protects your plants during the time of year when it’s too cold to spray and when nutrient competition is at its highest. This is essential for keeping your plants protected while leaving you with peace of mind in knowing your plants are well taken care of.

Upon the spraying of our deer repellent, you may notice a bland white coating around your plants. This is not only completely normal but in some cases preferred, as it makes it transparent as to which plants were and were not treated.

There’s only one source for state-of-the-art Long Island deer repellent, and it’s the horticultural experts at Organically Green. For years, we’ve been helping Long Islanders transform (and maintain) their gardens for optimal results.

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