Beech Leaf Disease and Beech Managment Programs

Beech Leaf Disease:

If you have a beech tree on your property, it’s very likely you will end up with Beech Leaf Disease. This disease only began appearing here on Long Island a few years ago but has quickly caused a huge amount of damage.
The disease is caused by a microscopic worm called a nematode that feeds within the leaves and buds. Some of the signs to look for in the foliage are striping or darkening in between the veins, curling or distortion of foliage and thickening or leathery appearance. Over time, this causes stress to the tree resulting in it’s decline and eventual death.

Beech Management:

We offer comprehensive programs to help protect and promote the health of your beech tree for the long term. Our services can include pruning, fertilization, airspading, watering recommendations in addition to treatments for phytophthora ( a deadly disease for beech), boring insects such as two-lined chestnut borer and the newest pathogen, beech leaf disease.


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