Tick Spraying & Mosquito Spraying Huntington

Huntington, with its beautiful trees, beaches, and ponds is truly among the gems on Long Island. Hiking, swimming, shopping, and biking are all available for residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, while the landscape is ideal for homeowners to enjoy, Huntington is also an ideal breeding ground for ticks and mosquitoes. Tick spraying in Huntington and mosquito spraying in Huntington have become viable options for residents to safely and comfortably enjoy their properties.

Ticks are a real and potentially deadly health risk for humans. Carrying a variety of diseases such as Lyme’s Disease, these dangerous pests pose a significant threat to residents of Huntington. While most commonly associated with deer, ticks can infest a variety of fauna such as mice, birds, squirrels, and rabbits- all commonly found in Huntington. Tick spraying in Huntington is an intelligent way to create a barrier against ticks from friends and family members trying to enjoy time in the beautiful outdoors of Huntington.

Mosquitoes create another annoying distraction while trying to enjoy the beauty of Huntington. Thriving in dense undergrowth, puddles, and shade, while not deadly like their pest counterparts, can ruin time spent outdoors. Mosquito spraying in Huntington has become an invaluable service for homeowners to control their mosquitos in their yards, decks, and patios.

At the end of the day, tick and mosquito spraying in Huntington is a safe and logical option for homeowners to keep their families protected. The experts at Organically Green offer a number of spraying options to keep your family safe. From Manhattan to Montauk, tick spraying and mosquito spraying are among our respected service offerings.

Our team of experts will be happy to share their expertise and passion for the environment while helping to keep your yard free of ticks and mosquitoes. Additional services offered by Organically Green include plant health care services, deep root fertilization, and deer repellent services. To request an estimate, contact us today at 855-4NO-TICK.

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