Time to Think About Planning Your Holiday Lighting!

It may seem early—after all, fall has just arrived—but the time to plan your holiday lighting is now. If you’re going for a professional display slots book quickly, so you should call the pros now to schedule. If you’re more of a DIY person you can still start planning now so you’re ready for a brilliant holiday season. 

When you think of “holiday lighting” you may only be thinking about Christmas, but these days more and more people also create displays for Halloween; so consider a spooky display first before moving onto your Christmas light display. 

Is this your first year decorating? Don’t go overboard. Your best bet is to pick two or three focal points such as your front door and a few bushes and build up from there. Each year you can add a new display or cover a new area in your yard. 

LED lighting is a great and extremely popular choice when it comes to holiday lighting displays, both indoors and out. They’re extremely bright, are able to light up in a number of patterns, and save power during the months when your electric bill is already feeling the burn. 

Safety is important when it comes to all things electrical, and that includes holiday lights! Be sure that the lights you used are marked with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) label and if you’re putting them outdoors, make sure they’re designed for that purpose. 

When pulling out last year’s string lights check for any frayed wire or burned out bulbs which will pull power from the whole string. 

Avoid using nails or staples to put up your lights and stay off the roof! Leave the roof work to the professionals and use either electrical tape or clips to hold lights up. You’ll avoid damaging your home and run less of a risk of causing damage to the wires. 

If you are going up high to hang lights on gutters or trees make sure you’ve got a sturdy ladder and someone to work with. 

Finally, what goes up must come down. Keep that in mind when creating your outdoor lighting display. What may be a fun holiday tradition on a warm October or November day can be an incredible hassle during a frigid February, and branches may be damaged when you inevitably try the old “yanking” method to pull down lights from trees laden with snow or ice. If you want the lighting, but not the effort, you may want to give Organically Green a call to create a holiday display you’ll love coming home to, without any of the efforts on your part.