How Tree Trimming Can Help To Keep You Safe In A Storm

Safe In A Storm

Long or dead branches hanging over your home can cause real damage! Be sure to get a trimming!

Throughout the spring and summer months, when you’re outside more, you may notice that your trees need a trim. A few of the reasons you may want to trim your trees include keeping leaves off the roof and out of the pool, opening the canopy for gardening, or even getting more sun to your solar panels. But another very important reason to consider trimming your trees is to prepare your property for storms.

Young trees have trouble in storms because they have not had the time to develop a strong root system, additionally, newly planted larger trees will have the same issues.

Trees with lots of branches and twigs, particularly weeping varieties, can be victim to a “sail effect” which can help blow trees right out of the ground. Additionally, lopsided trees, where most of the weight leans to one side or the other are also prone to storm damage.

The best thing to do if you have these issues is to contact a professional arborist. An arborist is someone who has been trained to understand exactly what specific species of trees can withstand in regards to pruning. They will ensure that your trees will be able to continue to grow.

Another reason to call an arborist is if your tree limbs lean over your roof, or are near or touching power lines. Both of these situations present a great danger in not only wind and rain but also in snow storms when the weight of ice and snow can cause them to snap, not only knocking out your power but also possibly damaging your house.

Damaged branches can also be more dangerous than people think. After a storm, people tend to assume that trees which are still standing are safe, and will attempt to clean up their yards. However, storms can weaken tree limbs and branches and on occasion, can fall later, during the cleanup process, endangering people, animals, and vehicles.

Electric service that is disrupted by downed lines can sometimes take quite a while to restore, so preparing by calling to have a good tree pruning is a smart preventative measure.

Organically Green Horticultural Service helps to keep trees all across Long Island healthy, and ready, no matter what the season may bring. From Hurricanes to nor’easters. If you haven’t prepared your yard for storm season, give us a call today.

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