Prevent Tree Damage During a Hurricane

tree damage

With hurricane season upon us, we need to start thinking seriously about the damage these storms can bring, especially on our trees and property. Some trees are more prone to storm damage than others. A shallow-rooted tree growing in soft soil, for instance, can easily topple onto a house or car. Roots can come up and damage walkways and foundations. Trees can take down power lines causing not only a nightmare for you but your neighbors as well.

One way to prevent tree damage from a strong storm is to spot the signs a tree is at risk.

Some potential problems are easy to spot. These include:

  • Cracks in the trunk or major limbs.
  • Hollow and decayed trees.
  • Trees that look one-sided or lean significantly.
  • Branches hanging over the house near the roof.
  • Limbs in contact with power lines.
  • Mushrooms growing from the bark, indicating a decayed or weakened stem.
  • V-shaped forks rather than U-shaped ones. V-shaped is more likely to split.
  • Crossing branches that rub or interfere with one another.

Regular pruning can prevent many potential problems posed by a hurricane. Prompt removal of diseased, damaged, or dead plant parts help to limit the spread of harmful insects and disease, as well as reduce the possibility of future tree damage from storms.

The experts at Organically Green can help you secure your trees during a storm and provide assistance in tree trimming and pruning before they cause damage or help you deal with fallen branches and trees.