How to Attract Birds To Your Yard!



Gardens can be visually stunning and—if you are using the right plants—will provide a wonderful bouquet; they can create lovely arrangements for your home and emit a welcoming scent! Sitting outside, surrounded by nature you might feel like something is missing: birds!

Birds can provide a variety of benefits to your yard and a natural soundtrack to the outdoors with their songs. Birds can help with the pollination of certain plants by spreading the plant’s nectar. Birds like sparrows or finches can eat the seeds from various weeds and actually limit the propagation of unwanted plants. Swallows can be especially beneficial to you and your garden; they love to eat the insects that can plague your yard.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can use to help attract birds to your yard. Let your professional landscaping architect at Organically Green Horticultural Services know if you intend on making your yard more attractive to local birds.

One of the most obvious ways to attract birds would be to plant vegetation that is native to your area.  Using native plants will provide a familiar and trusted source of nourishment. The east end of Long Island provides fertile soil for a variety of plants, which is great news because the more varied your garden, the more variety of birds you could attract.

Growing a variety of native vegetation with differing heights, density, and periods of flowering will attract a diverse set of birds. Planting earlier in the spring, when plants begin to bloom, will draw in birds that are attracted to nectar or insects. Planting later in the year will give birds the nuts and fruits they need for nourishment. Some species of birds prefer to forage on the ground for food, while some will search low shrubbery for food sources. Even evergreen trees can be used to provide a shelter for birds during the colder winter months.

Our use of natural and organic fertilizer will not harm the birds that find refuge in your yard. Making your home more habitable for birds can also limit the number of insects in your yard, meaning you can minimize your pesticide use. Lessening the use of pesticides will make your lawn safer for your pets and your family!

Birdhouses, birdbaths, and feeders can make your home more attractive to birds as well. The experts here at Organically Green Horticultural Services can make your home more attractive and safe for you and birds. Give us a call today at (631) 467-7999 to see what we can do for you!