Fall Flowers That Bring Color To Your Yard

fall flowers

While many think of spring as flower season, that doesn’t mean that your fall flowers and garden has to be devoid of color. Shades of red, yellow, orange, and even pink and purple can all be used to bring a sunny touch to your yard well into the winter months. 

Hanging baskets are a great place to keep Pansies, a cold-weather favorite. Their sunny faces add great color and they are hardy enough to survive a light frost. Sweet Alyssum is another great choice for baskets and brings a white, purple, and pink combo to your landscape. 

For a gorgeous mix of red, orange, and yellow, Ornamental Peppers are a great choice. Blooming in late summer and early fall, they bring a bright spot of color to any garden. Another gorgeous fall bloomer is the hardy Aster. Similar to Mums, their fall blooms are brought on by the shortening days and they’ll bring a great spot of purple to your garden. Looking for pink flowers? Heather, Dahlias, and Chrysanthemums will bring that fall color you crave. 

If you’re looking for taller landscape plants to create that fall color, you can’t go wrong with Russian Sage in your fall garden. These hardy plants can survive drought and look gorgeous while doing so. Another idea for taller background plants isn’t flowers, but fountain grass. They come with white, purple, or even pink plumes and can be a great focal point in your autumn garden planting plans. 

Another non-flower flower choice is ornamental cabbage or flowering kale. Their lovely shades of green, cream, pink, and purple look beautiful in planters or in bunches in beds and can last almost the entire winter (if hungry rabbits don’t get them first). Their size—a potential of 18” wide—makes them a great addition for fall flowers if you like something showy in your winter beds. 

By properly planning and planting in spring, you can ensure that your yard has color almost all year round. Need some advice about what to plant and when? Call Organically Green Horticultural Services today.