Tick Spraying & Mosquito Spraying Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay is one of the most beautiful areas to enjoy the outdoors on Long Island. Exploring the beautiful hiking trails and beaches is a popular way to spend spring, summer, or fall days. Backyard barbecues are a hugely popular way for homeowners to enjoy the fresh air in their backyards. Unfortunately, due to the extensive wildlife and natural characteristics of this area, they can become infested with insect pests. Mosquito spraying in Oyster Bay as well as tick spraying in Oyster Bay have become all but necessities to safely and comfortably enjoy the splendor of the outdoors.

Mosquito spraying in Oyster Bay is an important service to control the hordes of mosquitoes that find the area ideal for populating. Standing water in ponds, inlets, and even puddles are excellent breeding sites for mosquitoes. Enjoying Oyster Bay to its fullest will require mosquito spraying to safely control the proliferation of these flying pests.

There is an additional pest that can interfere with the enjoyment of the Oyster Bay, Long Island area- the deer tick. These flightless insects can be transported by deer, mice, squirrels, and raccoons. They carry a variety of diseases such as Lyme’s disease and can be very dangerous. Tick spraying in Oyster Bay is a great way to control this potential danger and make your yard and patios safe and comfortable.

To safely and comfortably take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors, tick spraying in Oyster Bay and mosquito spraying in Oyster Bay may be the ideal solution and there is no better option for this service than Organically Green. Our team of experts has a passion for the environment along with the necessary experience to effectively create a barrier against ticks and mosquitoes in Oyster Bay, as well as across Manhattan and Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. In addition to tick and mosquito spraying, Organically Green also provides plant health care services, deep root fertilization, and deer repellent services. To request an estimate, contact us today at 516-477-8170.

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