Tick Spraying & Mosquito Spraying North Fork

The natural beauty of Long Island is breathtaking. The various waterways, beautiful parks, and beaches make life on Long Island a truly unique experience. Unfortunately, with the abundance of wildlife, particularly deer, squirrels, birds, and a variety of rodents, there are certain environmental pitfalls to Long Island living. Tick spraying on the North Fork has become essential in order to safely enjoy nature. Managing the tick population can quickly become an arduous task for property owners, turning your North Fork backyard oasis into a place of anxiety and frustration.

Here at Organically Green, we are experts in tick spraying along the North Fork of Long Island. From Riverhead to Orient Point, and Manhattan to Montauk, we’ve helped restore tranquility for countless east-end homeowners. Ticks can carry countless diseases including Lyme disease, causing long-term ailments for you and your family. Staying vigilant by spraying for ticks in the North Fork in your gardenscape will aid in keeping your family safe year-round.

Similar to being a perfect environment for ticks, the coastal waters, bays, and ponds on Long Island are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Both the Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay are well known as hotspots for mosquitoes. These insects quickly breed in standing water, making it nearly impossible for a homeowner to treat themselves. While bites can cause temporary itching and discomfort, mosquito-borne diseases are of substantial concern.

According to the World Health Organization, over one million people globally are killed each year as a result of a simple mosquito bite. Due to the 100’s of diseases they can carry including Zika and West Nile viruses, it’s vital to take action by mosquito spraying on the North Fork here on Long Island. Contact a professional early in the season who will spray for mosquitoes in your yard and employ the best-known intervention techniques.

Organically Green proudly serves all of Long Island including the North Fork area of Suffolk County, as well as Manhattan and Nassau County, offering sophisticated options to quickly keep parasitic pests and biting insects at bay.

Along with North Fork tick spraying, we also provide plant health care services, deep root fertilization, tree/shrub spraying, and deer repellent services. To request an estimate, contact us today at (631) 726-0505.

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