Your Fall Checklist For Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control

Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control

It’s all too common for Long Islanders to gain a false sense of security when it comes to ticks and mosquitoes once the weather starts cooling down. While mosquitos are less common during the fall, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for proactive Long Island Tick and mosquito control. Wondering why?

The truth is, proactive measures designed to prevent tick and mosquito infestations can be just as (if not more) effective than getting rid of them once they’re already here. So we’ve put together this Fall checklist, so you can stay one step ahead of these tiny pests.

Clean Out Any Outdoor Structures

Garages and sheds are great for keeping you organized, and even better for mosquitoes and rodents to thrive. Ensuring the interiors of these structures are cleaned and maintained is one less method for these pests to breed right under your nose.

Check For Potential Breeding Grounds

When your shed and/or garage is cleaned out, mosquitos will search for viable alternatives. Items like tarps, outdoor toys and containers (those that can hold excess water from rainfall) are like a safe haven for these pests. Be sure to drill holes in these containers, such as garbage cans and planters, to avoid unwanted company.

Prioritize Yard Maintenance

The more you stay on top of your yard, the fewer opportunities ticks and mosquitoes will have to get settled for the winter. Keeping grass short, weeds down, dead plants from sticking around and masses of leaves from forming are among some of the best, most proactive ways for keeping your home pest-free.

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