Winter Spray. When Do I Start?

Winter can be harsh on your yard, a winter spray can help your yard bounce back quicker!

Winter can be harsh on your yard, a winter spray can help your yard bounce back quicker!

Were your plants looking ragged this year? Whether it be from pests, disease, or insects, shrubs and trees can benefit from dormant spray treatments scheduled throughout the year. Organically Green will utilize a dormant winter spray to help prevent damage from these problems before it becomes an issue for your plants.

Horticultural oils often made from seeds, such as Neem oil, are able to smother hibernating insects like aphids, scale, thrips, and mites. It also prevents their eggs from hatching.

Plants such as roses and fruiting trees may benefit from controlling and preventing these pests. They produce more flowers and fruit if not under the stress that fighting off disease and pests causes.

Dormant sprays are available for application at any time throughout the year. Whereas dormant oil sprays used as a preventative measure for spring should be applied once the growing season is over. Be sure to apply before the temperatures drop below 40 degrees. To fully control pests year-round, a regular series of spray treatments should be scheduled.

Finally, to aid the spray in doing its work, it is important to do a thorough fall cleanup. Rid yourself of fallen leaves and twigs that may harbor insects and their eggs, or fungal spores. Ignoring this step can result in these pests gaining a fast stronghold as soon as temperatures rise again. Pests and fungus could spread to other plants throughout the winter as storms move debris around your property.

Call Organically Green at (631) 467-7999 for assistance or more information about winter sprays. Organically Green uses only safe, organic materials to protect the health of you and your family!