Why do Mushrooms Appear in my Yard?

mushrooms in your lawn

Mushrooms Growing

Why do Mushrooms Appear on my Lawn?

We have been experiencing some torrential downpours lately; I am guessing you’ve noticed. At night you’re watching the rainfall from the safety of your home, glad to have a roof. The next morning you go outside to fetch your newspaper and notice random patches of mushrooms. The mushrooms appear near trees, gardens, everywhere really.

Mushrooms are the reproductive part of fungi. They appear in numerous shapes when fruiting out of the soil for exposure. The rounded, umbrella mushrooms are the most common shape. They will begin to appear on your lawn after a heavy rainfall or irrigation.

Fungi can survive in soil for years; to decrease the growth of mushrooms you can allow more sunlight onto the lawn, dethatch your lawn, or give your lawn better aeration. Many of these things are best being taken care of by a professional landscaping service like Organically Green Horticultural Services. We recommend calling as soon as possible because left unattended mature mushrooms will spread spores to reproduce. Spores travel through the air to germinate and will land in seemingly random places and will continue to spread. We do not recommend raking or mowing the mushrooms as it may help them spread quicker and reach further areas.

You should know that while you find the appearance of these mushrooms to be unsightly, they are actually a great indicator that your lawn has healthy soil, rich in organic matter.

There are Benefits to Having Mushrooms on My Lawn?

Mushrooms are, surprisingly, beneficial to your lawn. The mushrooms can break down and decompose into organic matter, releasing helpful nutrients into your yard.

There are various types of organic matter that can be used to fertilize your lawn; many of which are much more visually appealing that wild mushrooms growing in your yard. So, while the mushrooms may not be the end of the world, we do recommend removing them from your yard before they spread.

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