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Your Fall Checklist For Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control

Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control

It’s all too common for Long Islanders to gain a false sense of security when it comes to ticks and mosquitoes once the weather starts cooling down. While mosquitos are less common during the fall, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for proactive Long Island Tick and mosquito control. Wondering why? The truth is,… Read more »

Tick Control – Keeping your Family Safe

While summer may be winding down, fleas and ticks are still a problem for lovers of the outdoors all across the United States. Grassy and wooded areas are not only attractive places to take part in outdoor activities but also perfect tick habitats. The ticks that are most concerning and the ones you may want… Read more »

The Danger of Tick Bites

The danger of tick bites – As the weather warms and you begin to spend more time outside,  insects of all kinds begin to show up, including biting insects such as ticks. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “tickborne diseases increasingly threaten the health of people in the United States. The growing threat includes newly… Read more »

Spraying for Ticks: What You Need to Know

spraying for ticks

Here in New York 2019 is predicted to be the Year of the Tick. Between our warmer than average winter and the high populations of white-footed mice due to a banner acorn production season in late 2018, deer ticks are something you should be concerned about for your own health as well as those of… Read more »

Warm fall means late-season ticks

  It is already mid-October and we are still in the grips of summer it seems. While to many this may be a time to rejoice, there are some downsides to this warm fall (and not just to those who are eager to break out their fall boots and sweaters). The warm weather also extends… Read more »

Warm Winter Brings More Ticks

While we had a few cold snaps this winter, the season has been relatively mild over all. This sounds like a plus, we avoided devastating storms and icy temperatures, but a warm winter can bring on big problems like pests. Tick populations tend to explode in seasons following mild winters when long stretches of freezing… Read more »