The Benefits of Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Fertilization shouldn’t end with your grass, as it is ideal for trees and shrubs as well. While your typical gardener might (wrongfully) overlook this integral step, it’s actually one of the best, most proactive measures you can take in ensuring the long-term health of your shrubs and trees. 

Proper shrub fertilization can help to stimulate growth and maintain long-term prosperity. In fact, fertilizers provide highly important nutrients that don’t only promote growth, but strength and resilience as well (this becomes important as the colder seasons approach). However, shrub and tree fertilization services aren’t the same as those of the grass variety and as a result, often require professional care. Variables such as timing, calculating the “root zone”, incorporating “smart snacks” and more are all vital factors in ensuring your trees and shrubs get the best care possible. 

We always recommend contacting a professional for shrub and tree fertilization services, but this is especially true if your garden has been subject to any kind of construction. This is the case because leftover rubble, or even common occurrences like leaf removal in the Fall can potentially disrupt the natural cycling of nutrients in your soil. If your soil is impacted, the plants and shrubs that sit upon them will almost certainly be too!

Compromising your soil, trees and shrubs simply isn’t worth the risk. That’s why you should consider contacting one of Organically Green’s ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)-certified professionals for cutting-edge shrub fertilization and tree fertilization services. We have the skills and resources to get to the “root” of the problem and find solutions sooner, rather than later.

Have a question or concern about shrub and tree fertilization? Be sure to contact us to keep your garden looking green.