Hiring Professionals for Long Island Tick Spraying

Long Island Tick Spraying

Every homeowner considers the cost of maintaining their property, and often first thinks they can save money by controlling ticks and mosquitos themselves. Every Spring they’ll spend a Saturday at the warehouse store sizing up the newest consumer products to rout these pests. And in the past, these intrepid homeowners may have met with some success. Or not. Here is what most who try to keep up with seasonal pest control by themselves have discovered, along with what, to these weekend warriors, has become the obvious solution.

Anyone who has tried to maintain their property quickly learns that Long Island tick spraying is not a job for the layman. Another common mistake is to consult their landscaping service, thinking that the team that mows their lawn might be the right firm to hire to keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay. They’d be wrong.

Instead, consider the services of a company that specializes in safe yet effective Long Island tick spraying. Organically Green Horticultural Services serves every town from the Hamptons and the North Fork to the county line villages of Oyster Bay and Huntington right into Manhattan. We specialize in organic tick control services to help prevent the spread of Lyme disease and lesser-known ailments such as Powassan, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis (as not even chemicals can be 100% effective against ticks). Additionally, harsh commercial tick sprays can kill ‘good insects’ such as butterflies and bees and even damage your lawn and/or contaminate the soil. Therefore, it is not just a matter of keeping your family safe, but also protecting your local environment that makes hiring professional organic pest control companies a sound idea. 

Save your property, protect your family and the environment, as well as reclaim your weekends: contact the Long Island tick spraying professionals at Organically Green Horticultural Services. To learn more, contact us or submit our form

Effective Long Island Tick Control Benefits

Long Island Tick Control

You might be thinking about maintaining your property by switching to effective Long Island Tick Control services. That is not only a sound idea for keeping your family and pets safe from harmful ticks, as well as additional benefits to making this commitment, and we’ll detail them in this posting.

Long Island is known worldwide for its natural beauty, from its shorelines to the primeval pine barrens. It is also a breeding ground for parasites such as ticks, and the time to rout these pests is now, before they can make inroads into your family’s life and health. Reduce their numbers by beginning to spray as soon as the nighttime temps rise above 32 degrees. Repeat every four weeks throughout the season and there will be fewer invaders to contend with. 

It is likely that your greatest concern relative to tick control is keeping your family and pets safe from Lyme disease. However, it is also important to consider maintaining the environment. Commercial tick control sprays can also kill bees, butterflies, praying mantises, and other beneficial garden insects. Avoid disrupting the natural cycle of life for these beloved creatures, as well as protecting your lawn and landscaping using Long Island tick control services from Organically Green. 

It is important to protect the local environment. That is why Organically Green Horticultural Services utilizes safe and effective products for our tick control clients. From Montauk to Manhattan and back again, we are the optimal choice to keep your home, garden, and family safe from tick-borne diseases this season and seasons to come. 

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