Planting in August: What Plants to Choose

Planting in August

While many people think of spring as the perfect time for planting, what you may not realize is that the growing season extends well into the fall for much of the United States. Is planting in August the best time?

Plenty of vegetables and flowers thrive in the cool season, and planting during August is the best way to have a bountiful fall garden. Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are three plants that do very well when their seedlings are transplanted outdoors in August. Make note that planting them from seed in August will not give them enough time to develop before the cold weather, so it’s best to start them from seed in June or to buy seedlings to plant in August. Kale and lettuce are two more cold-hardy plants, and should be planted in August. Moreover, carrots, beets, and spinach are great vegetables to grow in August.

August isn’t only a time for vegetables. Marigolds, Alyssum, and Snapdragons are great flowers to plant in August so you’ll have color in your yard through the fall. Pre-planted annuals can also add color to your yard and prepare the fall mood. You can also plant container-grown perennials in August and they’ll have a more bountiful spring.

Something to consider if planting in August is the coming spring. If you have iris plants August is the perfect time to divide and replant them so they have time to develop strong roots before the cold sets in. August is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs such as crocus, tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinth, as well as plant flowers like peonies.

With more than 8 weeks to go before the first frost, don’t discount August for planting! You’ll get more enjoyment and more produce out of your garden than you ever realized was possible.